Kayaking on Mreznica

Crystal clean water, untouched nature, deep canyons and lots of ravines and waterfalls guarantee a terrific time in nature. We want to evoke all the beauties of Gorski Kotar by kayaking.

We organize day trips on upper canyon of river Mreznica which is most exciting whitewater experience in the north part of Croatia.


Prepare for a lifetime experience!

Kayaking on Mreznica river

Kayaking on the upper part of the river Mreznica consists of several waterfalls up to 8 m height. Waterfalls create pools of warm water between them which make a perfect refreshment during summer heats - away from the coast, crowds and daily stress.

What to expect?

Kayaking on the river Mreznica consists of 15 waterfalls and takes from 2 – 3 hours. The tour has elements of canyoning (natural waterslides, showering under the waterfalls, jumping from the high cliffs, walking through the canyon) so it won't leave anyone feeling indifferent.

On this trip we will pass the waterfalls with the natural waterslide, somewhere we will jump into the lower pool or walk around the cascade, and somewhere we will cross the barriers in the kayaks. Guides mostly must throw the kayaks from high barriers but tourist can also pass cascade walking around. Middle river sections consist of cascade waterfalls not higher than 3 m. These sections are good for peacefully family paddling tour with swimming, showering under the waterfalls and fun.

Kayaking on Mreznica will be a trip to remember – and all because of this breathtaking nature, waterfalls and canyons you can experience in Croatia


Would recommend it!

Very safe and well arranged trip - perfect for all ages and levels. The guide was a ver nice guy, experienced ant talked both Croatian, English and Swedish.