About us

Kupa Sports is an adventurous team that loves nature. We are engaged in recreational tourism with emphasis on water activities. Everyone in our team is trained as a professional guide.

We are looking forward to your arrival!

Relax to unique sounds, pristine nature and the beauty of the mountain region! Looking for an active holiday? We are exactly what you are looking for! You'll find us in one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, the "Gorski Kotar", in Severina na Kupi, Brod na Kupi or on the upper river Mrežnica.

During the spring, summer and autumn months we are offering canoe or kayak trips down the rivers Kupa and Mrežnica, or rafting during high water levels, mountain biking in Risnjak National Park, Team building programs, paintball, hiking or camping.

Sea!!! Yes, the sea is great. But remember us when you travel to the sea or back. On and around the Kupa or Mrežnica rivers you can bathe, come on a daytrip with us, spend the night in a holiday house, motel or hotel, sail, picnic and even drift down the river for 2 or 3 days and sleep in tents after a relaxing camp fire evening!

The abundance of nature's scents, a pleasant breeze even on the hottest of days, mountain peaks around you, beautiful pebble beaches, little islands, waterfalls, springs and, last but by no means least, local food specialties offered by our caterers (trout, lamb, game)! All of this we can off you, if you decide to come to us.


Marijan Sečen

The founder of Kupa Sports...
You will communicate with him, he brings the guests.

Guide: Rafting, Canoe Safari, Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing
Languages: Croatian, English, Swedish

Dario Vrbanac

The great naturalist...

Guide: Rafting, Canoe Safari, Mountain Biking,
Language: Croatian, English







Kristina Ana Sečen

In every team you need a woman! She is the first, but not the last we hope, and she knows what she is doing, overshadowing all the men...

Guide: Canoe Safari, photographer
Languages: Croatian, English, Swedish


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