This is the kind of equipment we use and what it is for! Before each of our excursions, we will explain what each item is for, as well as how and in what order you need to put it on. We have enough equipment in all sizes and use exclusively first-rate, European-manufactured equipment, less than 5 years old, with the CE-certificate for conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. On site, it is important to listen to our instructions before putting on the equipment - for your own comfort and safety!



When on a white-water river, the helmet protects your head from hitting rocks or branches, especially if you roll over or fall into the water. Many people ask us what a helmet is for, but later on we sometimes hear them remark " I know what a helmet is for"! So this is a must. Our helmets are certified for water sports. Their size can be adjusted for a better fit.


Life Jacket / PFD

A white water rafting/canoeing PFD (personal floating advice) is designed to keep you afloat. If you capsize or fall out of the boat, or in some other way find yourself under water, the vest pulls you up to the surface. It also keeps your head above the surface, even in a white-water rapid. The vests we use are certified.

We have enough of them in all sizes to fit all participants properly.


Neoprene suits & footwear

The neoprene suit protects you from hypothermia. Our neoprene suits are 4 mm thick and provide sufficient protection even at a water temperature of 8°C. They also protect you from scratches, if you find yourself in cold water full of rocks. Depending on the air and water temperature, we will provide a short-sleeve or long-sleeve suit and possibly a 5mm neoprene jacket, or a paddle jacket. In the middle of summer, no neoprene is needed at all.

Neoprene is not a waterproof material, but retains the water, which has entered, at body temperature, so that you stay warm, even if you get wet. Underneath we wear a bathing suit/shorts and a non-cotton (synthetic) T-shirt, if you have one.

We disinfect the suits after each use in a special disinfectant for neoprene!


We use 7 mm neoprene boots as footwear. They maintain the body temperature of your feet and protect you against foot injury from sharp rocks. In the middle of summer, when the water has warmed up, you are welcome to bring your own water/beach shoes, which may be more comfortable.

Just as the suits, we disinfect the shoes after each use in a special disinfectant for disinfecting neoprene!