Here you can see what equipment we use and where is serves!


Neoprene suit

Neoprene suit serves to protect you from hypothermia. Our neoprene suits are 4 mm. thick and adequate protection and at a temperature of 8°C. It also protects you from scratches if you find yourself in cold water full of rocks. The suits are not waterproof they only keep the body temperature. Underneath the neoprene suits we have swimsuit and a t-shirt that is not made of cotton.
We disinfect our suits after each use in a special disinfectant for neoprene suits!



PFD on rafting serves to keep you on the surface of the water. In case of overturning, a nonswimmer in the water or if you fine yourself in a situation 2m under the surface in white water the PFD will pull you to the surface. It also holds your head above the surface in uncontrolled floating


Neoprane footwear

We have neoprene socks 4 mm, neoprene boot 7 mm and surf shoes for the water. Depending on water conditions and the type of trip we select the proper footwear for you. They keep your body temperature and protects the feet from sharp rocks while walking along the shore or shallow water.



The helmet on rafting or canoeing would serve to protect you from hitting your head against a rock in the scenario overturning or falling into the water. Many wonders why you must have a helmet, we remember a few comments after the trip, ...˝now I know why we have a helmet˝! So, a helmet is required. The helmets we use are approved and designed for water sports. They have a regulation for a better fit for every head.