Croatia! Land of waterfalls – 7 days

10. April 2017.
10. April 2017.
Day trips
10. April 2017.

Croatia is an amazing country known for its wonderful sea but you also have alot to see in the heart of Croatia. If you are looking for adrenalin, fun, hiking, sightseeing and at the same time for relaxation in a montain area you will be at the right place.

Kupa Sports offers you an unfogettable week out in the nature.Where´s the most beautifull tree rivers produce amazing life of flora & fauna.Three days takes place on the river Kupa next two in National park Risnjak and on lake Bajer in Fužine and last two days on Mrežnica river and National park Plitvice lakes and river Korana.

Adventure holiday in Land of Waterfalls

We are taking you on whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing on rivers Kupa & Mrežnica, mountain biking in valley of river Kupa, hiking on Mountain Risnjak, lake kayaking on Bajer, cave exploring in Vrelo cave and trekking on Plitvice lakes. Also you will see some nature resorts, cave, canyons and alot of waterfalls. In a summer time when is life of flora and fauna the most prominent you will see amazing colors: turquoise sources, emerald green cascades and water, snow white waterfalls, ...


After Arrival in Croatia your guide will be waiting for you at Zagreb or Rijeka airport ( Zadar & Pula on request). You will be transferred to your accommodation situated 100 km from Zagreb and 45 km from Rijeka in Delnice, on 700 m over the see level. After settling into your room, you can have a drink, meet the other members of the group and your guides over dinner and discuss the upcoming itinerary. Every day you will have breakfast & dinner in your pansion.

Day 1 Monday: kayaking on river Kupa-depends on the water level.

After breakfast transfer in our camp on river Kupa 20 min driving. Changing and takeing safety gear. We go to the start, 15 km upstream from Brod na Kupi. About 11h the trip starts and lasts cca. 2,5-3h. We will cross about 10 rapids II. and III. Class graded. Breaks for swiming, picnic, photography, ... We will also enjoy in swimming in stream, jumping from the cliffs and alot of funny scenariums. Alot of adrenalin, fun and team building within the group.

Day 2 Tuesday: Lake kayaking & cave exploring

After breakfast transfer to the lake Bajer 20 min driving. Changing and takeing safety gear, few hours of lake kayak paddling with breaks for swiming. On half of trip we will have short trekking to cave Vrelo, amazing cave old about 3,5 million years with inside spring. Whole day activity untill 16 h.

Day 3 Wednesday: Mountainbiking

We will meet in our camp where you will get bikes and helmets. Here starts our trip, we will cycle to Zeleni Vir 40 m waterfall, Devill´s Pass an deep canyon and on source of small river Kupica, turquoise spring. To come to Zeleni Vir we will cycle on gravel road about 3 km to Nature resort. There we leave bikes and continue with trekking about 2 km. After seeightseeing Devill´s Pass & Zeleni Vir we takeing lunch break in resorts restaurant. After lunch we go back with bikes 3 km and pedals more 2 km to source of river Kupica. Short seeightseeing and returning in camp. Whole day activity untill 17.00 h

Day 4 Thursday: Hiking in the National Park Risnjak

You will see nice views and breath fresh mountain air. We will hike on 1528 m over the sea level on top of mountain Risnjak. You will see wonderful view on whole Kvarner bay and if we will have good weather, Alps on other side. After lowering from the top we will have a break in a mountain lodge. Don´t worry hiking isn´so long, we will come with van on cca. 1100 m over sea level. It takes about 3 h and isn´t so downhill. When we come back to pansion you will be transfered to other pansion on bank of river Mreznica. Dinner in pansion.

Day 5 Friday: Rafting & kayking on river Mrežnica

After breakfast transfer to start position. Changing and takeing safety gear. This trip is a combination of rafting and canyoning. When you get in the rafts or kayaks and the trip starts we will be on the water for cca 6h. We will cross about 10 rapids. In some parts the river is too narrow for us to pass with a raft and then we have to jump from cliffs, go on natureʾs water slide and walk around, it all depends on the situation. This is a trip full of adrenaline and you will have alot of fun. Whole day activity untill 16 h.

Day 6 Saturday: Trekking at Plitvice lakes

At 11 h we will arrived to NP Plitvice . During the travel to Plitvice lakes you will get information about what we going to do in the Park. You will see the most beautiful waterfalls and the cleanest water ever. The trekking will take about 3-4h. You will descend the sandy trail down the hill where you will have an unforgettable view over the lakes. We will also pass a few bridges that goes over the lakes. You will have the pleasure of tasting the fresh water from the big waterfalls and you can swimm in the big lake Kozjak. Whole day activity until 17 h. We provide you all necessary equipment (boats, paddles, life vest, helmet, water shoes, neoprene suites, dry box, mountain bikes, ...).

Through the all activities will be guided by experienced guides.