As Agency Kupa Sports our first priority is the safety of all participants on our rafting / canoeing trips!
We take serious our responsibility to:

  • keep you safe from any unpleasant experience (possible injuries, loss of items, etc.)!
  • equip you with all the necessary safety equipment, adequate for this type of sport!
  • introduce you to the course of the excursion, the dangers that are inherit in it and how to avoid them.
  • check and evaluate the water level and the weather forecast on the day of the excursion!
  • have skippers trained as raft guides with a first aid and CPR course.
  • provide an insurance policy against the consequences of a possibly accident, permanent disability or the costs of possible treatment!
  • to have an additional safety net during every river run, i.e. logistics on land that follows us in a minivan all the way (while also taking photos of us at the same time).

To make you feel at ease, here is a piece of information: On all our trips, in more than 16 years up to now, there have been no serious injuries, chaotic situations or GSS (Mountain Rescue Service) missions - Thank God.