Our priority in agency Kupa Sports is the safty of all our guests on rafting/canoeing trips. It is our responsibility to keep you out of unwanted scenarios ( possible injury, losing things or unpleasant experiences)!
Our responsibility:

  • provide you with all necessary safty equipment for this type of extreme sport!
  • check the water level and weather forecast on the day of the trip!
  • guides with required raft guide course and passed first aid resuscitation, so. CPR!
  • provide you insuranc from the insurancy company against accidents or permenent disability and possible costs of treatment!
  • further assurance from our side is a van that follows us the entire trip from the mainland and at the same time takes pictures!

But everything is not so black, a fact. In our organization in 7 years there has not been any injuries, chaoting situation, larming GSS (Mountaing Rescure Servise), etc. on our trips. The competitors can not boast about it, neither the once on the Slovenian side.