Terms and conditions

Turizam Kupa Sport sltd., acting as the AGENCY, shall guarantee the execution of the travel program. The CLIENT is obligated to provide any information which is required for the reservation process.

Reservation and payment
By making an ONLINE reservation/booking via the Agency web page booking system, you are expected to pay the full amount at once for all DAY TRIP products (and the “Robinson-Rafting” Kupa Tour). For any MULTI-DAY TRIP you may pay a 50% deposit of the tour value at the time of your booking. The remaining 50% of the amount is due no later than 30 DAYS PRIOR to the departure date.
Some of our products are bookable instantly due to dates and availability. Once you go to checkout and click pay now, you will get a confirmation E-mail, with trip details and your ticket. Some of our trips require confirmation before your credit card gets charged. In this case you will receive an E-mail with pending status, since we reserve the right to confirm or cancel your booking due to availability and other circumstances.
The payment via Agency’s ONLINE reservation/booking system is available by Credit Card only and direct bank transfer. If you desire to pay by PayPal, please contact us directly.

Pricing and content
The Agency shall reserve the right to make modifications to the prices made public in case of drastic changes in hotel prices, transport prices or other services.
The prices of programs are listed in EURO, which is the official currency in Croatia. The prices in other currencies are liable to exchange rate fluctuations.
For trips including overnight accommodation, the price is based on two-bedded rooms. In case you prefer to be alone in one room, you are obliged to pay a surcharge. The package tour price usually includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner, but please refer to the trip description for the correct details. Activities contained in the trip program (kayaking, cycling, hiking etc.) with all necessary equipment and a guide are included in the prices. The prices do not include optional excursions, personal spending and drinks with any meals.

Cancellation of travel
ALL cancellations must be in writing – by e-mail or fax.
1. Multi-Day Trips:
If the Client cancels the booking, all Client’s cancellations must be in writing – by e-mail or fax. The written cancellation date shall be the basis for the compensation of cancellation costs, which shall be collected by the Agency as per conditions set forth below (percentage of the total price):

  • 30 or more days prior to arrival: 10%
  • 29-22 days prior to arrival: 25%
  • 21-15 days prior to arrival: 40%
  • 14-8 days prior to arrival: 80%
  • 7-0 days prior to arrival or no show: 100%

Failing to make appearance and travel without prior cancellation shall entitle the Agency to withhold 100% of the payment made regardless of the reason or reasons for the cancellation.

2. Day Trips:
If the Client cancels the booking, all Client’s cancellations must be in writing, by e-mail or fax. The written cancellation date shall be the basis for the compensation of cancellation costs as per conditions set below (percentage of total price):

  • 8 or more days prior to arrival: 0%
  • 2-7 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • 1 day prior to arrival or no show: 100%

Failing to make appearance and travel without prior cancellation shall entitle the Agency to withhold 100% of the payment made regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Policy for altering or canceling bookings by the Agency
The multi-day day-to-day itineraries are subject to change depending on group abilities, preferences, weather conditions, water levels, other acts of God, special events of interest and similar. For the Client’s safety and comfort reasons, the Agency reserves the right to alternate program without prior notice. In case of major changes or cancellations of a specific program booked by the Client, the Agency will advise the Client as soon as possible and provide the following options:

a) The Client may accept a new departure date or destination.
b) The Client may accept a replacement package/excursion of equivalent or closely similar itinerary.
c) The Client may cancel his/her booking altogether and receive a full refund of the money already paid.

Please inform the Agency of your decision within 7 days of the offer. If the Client does not, the Agency will book a replacement package/excursion.

Extreme weather conditions
We reschedule the day trip activities in case of extreme weather conditions, extraordinary circumstances, which could not have been foreseen or avoided, or which have occurred spontaneously. The activity is than rescheduled a day or two days prior or after the date booked. If the Client notifies the Agency that he cannot accommodate the change, all payments will be refunded in full.

Both day and multi-day trips organized by the Agency are insured with the GENERALI OSIGURANJE – insurance company.
The travel prices do not include casualty and disease insurance, risk of damage and baggage loss insurance. Nor do they include voluntary health insurance. By making the payment for an excursion or a package tour, it is assumed that the Client has thus been advised to take additional health insurances, which can be purchased directly at an insurance company of one’s own choice.

Liability insurance
According to the Tourism Services Act, the Agency shall have a signed agreement with the insurer against liability for damage caused to the Client by failing to meet obligations relating to the booked tour.

Complaints and refund claims
Please contact your tour leader/guide or Agency representative immediately if the tour services are incomplete or executed below standard, in order to find a satisfactory solution. We will consider refund claims as invalid unless the Agency was notified on time. Please send all refund claims to the Agency in writing within 7 days of the completion of the trip. The Client is entitled to compensation in the amount of real value of services that have not been provided. All and any possible disputes shall be settled at a Rijeka (Croatia) based court.

Statement of own responsibility
With this statement I confirm that all activities during my participation in activities organized by the Agency are on my own responsibility.
I confirm that I am informed about all possible risks inherit in outdoor sports, that I will listen to all instructions the guide shall give me before and during the trip and that I will carry all safety equipment during the entire activity without exceptions. I also liberate the agency from all possible physical injury claims or material damages.
I confirm that I am participating in the Agency’s activity on my own responsibility without any pressure by the Agency.
Any kind of damages to company equipment, which are caused by my failure to comply with the guide’s instructions and/or my bad behavior, will be charged to me personally.


  • Do you have valid travel documentation
  • Inquire whether you need a visa for Croatia, as well as neighboring countries you may be traveling through
  • Respect all customs and foreign exchange regulations of the destination country
  • Advise the Agency of any form of disability or impairment, especially related to chronic health issues, allergies to food, animals or medication or special dietary requirements.
  • Please provide the document which confirms payment of service (voucher, bank receipt or other received by e-mail) at the beginning of the activity

Court jurisdiction
You have the right to judicial arbitration. The Client and the Agency will aim to settle law suits outside of court, if possible. If agreement is not reached, the law suit becomes subject to the Rijeka Court jurisdiction under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.