Kroz 6 nacionalnih parkova Hrvatske i Bosne

7. ožujka 2017.
Kayaking/Kanuing Kupa
23. ožujka 2017.
Paintball team building program
6. ožujka 2017.

In this tour you will spend a week on trekking through croatians 5 national parks and one bosnian. You will see three rivers National parks and tree mountainous National parks. In bosnian NP Una you will have the posibility to explore river through rafting.

In summer time when it´s life of flora and fauna the most prominent you will see amazing colors what nature has: turquoise sources, spectacular views on rocky formations , snow white waterfalls in NP Krka, NP Plitvicka jezera and NP Una and rocks and amazing views from high mountains Risnjak and Velebit ...


After Arrival in Croatia your guide will be waiting for you at Zagreb or Rijeka airport ( Split, Zadar & Pula on request). You will be transferred to your accommodation situated 100 km from Zagreb and from Rijeka in spa oasis Lesce on river Dobra. After settling into your room, you can have a drink, meet the other members of the group and your guides over dinner and discuss the upcoming itinerary.

Last two days we will change accommodation to nearest point to last two NPs around the town Zadar so you will explore also town Zadar with magnificient Sea Organ. You will be situated in little familiar hotel on Zadar coast. Every day you will have breakfast & dinner in your pansion. For lunch you will have posibility for order lunch paket or to have lunch in resort restaurants.

Day 1 Sunday: Hiking in the National Park Risnjak

After breakfast transfer to NP reception. You will see nice views and breath fresh mountain air. We will hike on 1528 m over the sea level on top of mountain Risnjak. You will see wonderful view on whole Kvarner bay and if we will have good weather conditions and Alps on other side. After lowering from the top we will have a break in a mountain lodge. Don´t worry hiking isn´t so long, we will come with van on cca. 750 m over sea level. It takes about 3 h and isn´t so downhill. Dinner in pansion.

Day 2 Monday:Trekking/Rafting in NP Una

At 11 h we will arrive to Strbacki buk waterfall, the most exciting place on river Una where the most rafting tours begins. You will see jumps from 23 m waterfall in performance of local river guides. You can choose the option of exploring river. Through rafting or by trekking. After every option we will have posibility of lunch in rafting camp with traditional Bosnian lunch. Day full of swimming, adrenaline and amazing waterfalls.

Day 3 Tuesday: Trekking at Plitvice lakes

At 11 h we will arrived to NP Plitvice .
During the travel to Plitvice lakes you will get information about what we going to do in the Park. You will see the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe and the cleanest water ever. The trekking will take about 3-4h. You will descend the sandy trail down the hill where you will have an unforgettable view over the lakes. We will also pass a few bridges that goes over the lakes. You will have the pleasure of tasting the fresh water from the big waterfalls and you can swimm in the big lake Kozjak which you will also explore by boat. Whole day activity until 17 h.

Day 4 Wednesday: Trekking in NP North Velebit (Sjeverni Velebit)

After breakfast transfer to starting position of our trekking tour in NP Velebit. We will pass through botanical garden of Natinal park and through few educational paths up to mountain hut Zavižan. Which is 7 km of trekking. You will see spectacular views on Dinaric peaks, karst reliefs, endemic plants and many more. We will visit mountain peak over 1700 m. Whole day activity and transfer to Zadar accommodation..

Day 5 Thursday:Trekking NP Paklenica

Transfer to Starigrad where the reception of national park Paklenica is. It´s a deep canyon in mounatin Velebit. In the park we have about 200 km of trekking tracks so we will choose one for your physical condition. Because of the vertical walls in the canyon, this is the best polygon for free climbing in Croatia. So, if you want you can have climbing school that day. You will see an abundance of karstic relief forms here, such as cracks, groves, rocky areas, pits, faults and caves, formed by intensive action of water, as well as high temperature differences in the respective seasons. Whole day activity.

Day 6 Friday:Trekking NP Krka

At the morning a short city tour in Zadar, lunch and transfer to NP Krka. Trekking around magnificent waterfalls of Skradinski Buk. You will see one of the best known natural features in Croatia which is together spill over 17 cascades over a span of 800 m. You will also see the first hydroelectric power in Croatia. After Skradinski buk we will have a boat tour or trekking to Roski slap and Island Visovac. Whole day activity.

Replacement activity for some of the first 4 days: Zagreb tour

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is allways interesting to visit, especially in summer time when there are no traffic jam. You will be guided through centar of the town up to the upper town. You will see nice parks, squres, cathedral and hear the story of town Zagreb. You will also have the posibility of shopping.

Accommodation Details

You will be situated in double or triple rooms in hotel & spa oasis Lesce. Single room 15% price increases. Spas "Lesce", located along the river Dobra, in cooperation with nature will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible and offer you a varied offers of wellness (body massage, partial massage, relaxation massage, antirheumatic massages, body scrubs, infrared sauna, jacuzzi, etc .).

The indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water source as well as comfortable accommodation in a richly furnished rooms. Restaurant "Lešće" will greet you with a multitude of culinary delights prepared by local ingredients.